Public Sector Contractors – all change from April 17!

Posted by Kath Docherty on February 03, 2017  /   Posted in Contractors, Directors Remuneration, Dividends, Hot Topics

Those who work in the public sector will be only too well aware of the additional scrutiny on the use of freelancers and how they operate their tax affairs.

Over the last year, we have received calls from clients who have been asked to provide assurances about their IR35 status and tax affairs.

Our advice has been:

  1. Ensure your contracts are reviewed for IR35 – we would suggest this is carried out by independent expert providers rather than using the HMRC helpline and,
  2. Assuming this review concludes they are operating outside of IR35 – then using a mixture of salary and dividends for extracting funds out of a limited company remains a robust and effective mechanism for achieving tax efficiency.

What happened in the Autumn Statement 2016?

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What tax is payable on dividends?

Posted by Kath Docherty on March 25, 2016  /   Posted in Dividends

If you run a limited company, you are probably already aware that the most tax efficient way to extract funds is by using a combination of low salary with the remainder as dividends.

For those with income within the basic rate tax threshold, there will be no further personal tax liability assuming no other income for the tax year 15-16. Significant changes take place for the 16-17 tax year which are outlined here.

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